Comfort Gut 1kg

Comfort Gut

Comfort Gut can play a role in helping to maintain healthy gastric acid levels and can be fed long term without disrupting acid production which is required to break down food for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Comfort Gut is the highest quality Activated Charcoal available, specifically produced from coconut shell to human food and medicinal grade standards, and specially manufactured to be suitable for long term feeding. It adsorbs (binds to) toxins and acidic molecules throughout the horse’s digestive tract, and eliminates them through the horse’s manure. Specifically produced for ingestion and has an ultra-fine pore size (as opposed to lower quality charcoals which are not designed for feeding long term). Assists horses struggling with all kinds of issues caused by toxins and excess acidity throughout their digestive system and can aid in weight gain & condition improvement, behavioural issue improvements, improvements in gassiness, bloating, scouring or diarrhoea, reduction in gargly gut and windsucking, happier horses and a healthy digestive tract. Easy to feed once or twice a day, no strong smell or taste so most horses are willingly to eat it. Very safe feeding margins at the recommended daily doses. Perfect for horses affected by varied eating times, changes in grazing conditions (i.e. drought followed by sudden rain, changing paddocks onto fresh grass), changes in hay/haylage or feed, changes in routine or workload, changes in location or frequent travel, stress caused by high workload and competition/training schedules

Feeding Instructions:

Horses:2 x 15ml scoops to be given twice daily with feed stuff

Ponies: 1 ½ x 15ml scoops to be given twice daily with feed stuff

Foals: 1 x 15ml scoop to be given once daily with feed stuff