Ironxcell by TRM


Iron & B Vitamin Tonic

IRONXCELL is a complementary feed suitable for all performance horses. It is formulated with a Sorbitol base, enhancing the absorption of essential B Vitamins. B Complex Vitamins and Iron play crucial roles in the formation of Red Blood Cells and various metabolic functions relevant to exercise.

This product is especially beneficial for:

  1. Horses Engaged in High-Level Training and Competition
    • Supports their increased nutritional needs during rigorous exercise.
  2. Horses with Low Red Blood Cell Levels
    • Provides a nutritional boost to address deficiencies.
  3. General Tonic
    • For overall health and vitality.
  4. Shy Feeders
    • Encourages better nutrient intake.
  5. Horses Recovering from Illness
    • Aids in the recuperation process by replenishing vital nutrients.

IRONXCELL is your trusted companion for maintaining and enhancing the well-being of your performance horses, ensuring they have the necessary support for their active lifestyles.


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